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Map of Andros Island Bahamas - Small Hope All Inclusive

Getting to Andros Island, The Bahamas is very easy!
We may be slightly off the beaten path, but that's a big
part of our appeal. Even though we're not in the center of a big tourist hub (thankfully!) we're really quite accessible.

(more info on getting to Andros)

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Andros Diving - Bahamas Diving - Caribbean Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving on Andros

We cater to Scuba Divers and Snorkelers!

Bahamas scuba diving - Small Hope Dock & Dive Shop - Diving in the Bahamas - Snorkeling in the Bahamas

At Small Hope Bay Lodge on Andros Island, Bahamas, we have been introducing divers and snorkelers to the Andros Barrier Reef for almost half a century.

Whether you're a beginner who wants to try scuba diving or snorkeling for the first time, or an experienced diver seeking a new thrill, let us show you our exciting underwater world. We know Andros diving like nobody else.

We've been exploring the Andros Barrier Reef since 1960. One of the world's longest barrier reefs, and the second largest and most unexplored reef system in the Atlantic, the Andros Barrier Reef offers a dazzling variety of geological and coral formations. There are shallow reefs beginning at ten feet - perfect for snorkeling or shallow diving - to 90 feet or deeper off the wall.

If you don't want to go that deep, we're happy to accommodate you. All our multi-level dives provide the option of supervised diving at shallower depths if you prefer. Small Hope is the first dive resort in the Caribbean and has been run by the Birch family since its inception.


See our YouTube Dive Videos (updated often)

Bahamas diving - Caribbean diving - Nick, Angel fish, Moray Eel
Andros Bahamas Diving - Cryptic sponges - dive vacation

There are more than 60 dive sites on the regular Small Hope Bay Lodge schedule, including colorful shallow reefs, coral gardens, wreck dives, breathtaking blue holes and stunning wall dives at the edge of the continental shelf, where the Tongue of the Ocean plunges to 6,000 feet.

Scuba Diving on Andros Island, Bahamas

Almost anyone can snorkel or dive! You can do it. Your ten year old can do it! And if she can paddle or swim, your five-year old can even try SASY (Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth). With our state of the art dive center, and staff of expertly qualified dive instructors and dive masters, we can safely show your whole family how - all you need is the desire to have fun and learn!

We may be a small dive resort, but we're big on diving, click here for information about the lodge and accomodations:

Small Hope Scuba Diving Staff - Bahamas diving - Caribbean diving

As a small family-run resort, we're able to devote personal attention to your individual needs, so we can make sure you have the best possible experience in our beautiful waters. For the certified diver, we have two kinds of diving - our regularly scheduled menu of more than 60 recreational dives, in addition to custom specialty dives for the more advanced diver or adventurer. Click here to learn more about our custom specialty dives.

scuba diving vacation in the bahamas

At Small Hope Bay Lodge, the dive shop is part of who we are making for a very relaxed diving vacation. Our well-equipped dive center is on the dock, right on the beach at Small Hope Bay. If you don't have your own gear, we supply quality, well-maintained rental equipment. And, you can safely and conveniently store your gear right on the dock during your stay. Full rinsing and drying areas are provided.

Dock, Dive Centre, and Boats in Small Hope Bay - Andros Bahamas

We have four boats for diving and snorkeling, including two large pontoon boats, so that we can comfortably accommodate divers and snorkelers in smaller groups. There are three regular daily dives, sometimes four when a night dive is scheduled. Start your day with breakfast, and then head out to the dock for the two-tank morning dive - the first is a deeper dive, followed by another dive at a different location. Then, after lunch, there's a one-tank afternoon dive, usually to our beautiful reef. And, we're almost always the only dive boat at the site.

Remember to bring along your C card. We may ask you to demonstrate mask and regulator clearing skills, allowing you to get comfortable again and adjust your buoyancy. A videographer records most dives. DVDs of the daily dives are shown in the games room each evening, and you can buy your own copy to take home.

In the winter, the water temperature is about 74 degrees Fahrenheit, or 23 degrees Centigrade, and the summer water temperature is about 84 degrees Fahrenheit, or 28 degrees Centigrade.

Click here for details on air and water temperatures.

Andros Bahamas Diving - Caribbean Scuba Diving - Dive Vacation - Dive Trip

The extraordinary diversity of our diving - It's all right here in our backyard!

Reef Sponges - Diving on Andros Island Bahamas with Small Hope Bay Lodge

There are few places in the world with such an astounding variety of diving as here on Andros. And the beauty of our location is that all the dive sites are so nearby - most sites are only about 15 minutes away by boat. When choosing our daily dive sites, we try to accommodate guests' requests as much as possible. There are so many fabulous dive sites right in our backyard, it's rare that you'll dive at the same site more than once during your stay.

The variety of dives on our regular schedule includes shallow reefs, coral gardens, wrecks, walls, false walls, caverns, and blue holes, as well as a shark observation dive. For more information on the recreational dive sites on our regular schedule, take a look at the Small Hope Dive Sites page, or click the links above.

Specially priced all-inclusive dive packages give you your afternoon dive for free! See our rates page for more information on our dive vacation packages and our a la carte diving and snorkeling rates.

Learn to Dive at Small Hope Bay Lodge

We offer instruction for all levels of divers or snorkelers

Discover Scuba For Free

andros bahamas scuba diving - discover scuba resort course

We invite you to try diving with us. It's easy. At Small Hope Bay Lodge, we pioneered the resort course way back in 1960. Our free Discover Scuba lessons are designed for beginners who want to try scuba diving for the first time. We offer them right at our dock, on the beach at Small Hope Bay, in water you can stand up in!

We welcome all our guests, age ten and older, and in good health, to take our safe and fun Discover Scuba program, under the direction of our qualified and expert dive masters. You'll learn the basic skills to make you feel at ease with scuba gear. Beginners often tell us they were surprised how easy it is.

Children under ten can try SASY (Supplied Air Snorkeling for Youth) or Bubblemaker, which gives them a gentle introduction to surface and underwater swimming with an air supply.

Get Certified or Continue your Dive Education

Andros Bahamas - small dive boat with top

Small Hope Bay Lodge also offers complete open water certification courses, including the PADI Open Water Course, Adventure and Advanced Open Water courses. We happily accept referrals from all certifying agencies. In addition, we offer specialty certification courses like Nitrox Diver, Boat Diver, Underwater Naturalist, Multilevel Diver, Deep Diver, Underwater Videographer, Underwater Navigation, Night Diver, Wreck Diver, Rescue Diver (by prior arrangement) and more.

Please see our rates page for more information on certification courses. Equipment rental and requisite dives involve an additional fee.

For more information on our all-inclusive dive rates and a la carte diving rates, please see the rates page.


PADI resort on Andros Island Bahamas - Scuba Dive in the BahamasUniversal Referral for Scuba Certification on Andros Island Bahamas


Learn to Snorkel for free

Snorkeling on Andros Island Bahamas

Never snorkeled before? Let us show you how - for free! At Small Hope Bay Lodge we love snorkeling. If you can float, you'll probably love snorkeling too. We'll teach you to snorkel right around our dock at the beach on Small Hope Bay. There's a variety of fun things to see right along our beach, like the hidden marine life in the little nooks and crannies around the dock, in the patch reefs near the shore, and the creeks leading to the nearby mangroves. We can provide you with maps highlighting the best areas. To learn more about snorkeling hot spots around Small Hope Bay, click here.

If you enjoy snorkeling, you may want to try our free Discover Scuba Course and experience the wonder of breathing underwater. See our learn to dive section to learn more.


Daily Snorkeling Boat Trips to the Reef

Snorkeling with your kids at Small Hope Bay Lodge on Andros Bahamas

Each day we take snorkelers by boat to one of many nearby shallow reefs. We anchor at an ideal depth between 10 to 20 feet, bringing you up close with the wonders of the underwater environment. Boat trips require a minimum number of snorkelers. Click here for more information about snorkeling on the Andros reefs around Small Hope Bay Lodge.

In addition, snorkelers are welcome to come along to some of the shallow dive sites, like the shark observation experience, where you can safely watch in the water, from the surface, as local reef shark gather to feed off a frozen ball of chum we hang suspended about 40 feet below. This afternoon excursion gives snorkelers a unique opportunity to watch these fascinating creatures in their own habitat.


Small Hope Bay Lodge regularly provides Nitrox 32 air-fills for $10 per tank. We also offer a half-day Nitrox certification course. Advanced Nitrox certification is available by prior arrangement.



Divers Alert Network - DAN


Small Hope Bay Lodge supports the Divers Alert Network, a nonprofit medical and research organization dedicated to the safety and health of recreational divers.


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