Shallow Dive and Snorkel Sites

Red Shoal

Large schools of French and blue-striped grunts embellish the rich Elkhorn coral formations. Barracuda’s can be found here, plus peacock flounders and stingrays can be found on the sandy bottom that channel through the coral formations.

Love Hill

Branching from the main strip of reef, the coral formations create sand channels that provide a maze-like environment, perfect for those who like to meander around a rich and colorful reef at a very shallow depth.

Central Park

The site got its name because of a comment made by some guests from New York City. When they surfaced after the dive, they said the site had so many fish; it reminded them of a long weekend at Central Park.

End of the Reef

It has large Elkhorn coral formations creating swim-through that opens up into small pockets throughout the reef. One pocket is so beautiful; we named it Ariel’s Garden, after the little mermaid.

Trumpet Reef

Named because of its nice variety of trumpet fish, this site on the fore reef is a great spot to snorkel and dive. Snorkelers enjoy the close proximity to the large coral heads, growing only a few feet from the surface. Divers can explore beyond this site, by heading east into deeper water to Peter’s Mystery Special.

Leiben’s Point

There are incredible opportunities to observe the topography of the Andros Barrier Reef here, as you can swim from the shallow snorkeling areas containing juvenile reef fish, right along the barrier reef out into the deeper waters, where the coral becomes thicker.

Jean’s Dream

Jean’s Dream is a great fore reef site for observing cleaning stations and smaller sea life, such as banded coral shrimps and Christmas tree worms. This is a classic shallow reef/coral garden dive, perfect for taking it easy and relaxing, especially after a deep dive.

South Peters Place

The site features a circular sand patch and a dense coral garden. Residents include schools of surgeonfish and blue tangs, stoplight parrotfish, tiger and Nassau grouper, barracuda and the occasional southern stingray.

The Aquarium

This beautiful site is suitable for shallow diving as well as snorkeling. Predictably, it got its name because diving this site is just like swimming in a large open aquarium, filled with marine tropical in every color of the rainbow.

Peters Mystery Special

This dive site is a beautiful coral garden, perfect for novice divers. A wide variety of fish life can be found here, like parrotfish, French grunts and fire worms. This is also an ideal spot to observe the reef’s cleaning stations.

Brad’s Mountain

Located south of Small Hope Bay,  you may see bar jacks darting in and out of the summer swarms of silversides, crowding the many small swim-through and caverns that honeycomb Brad’s Mountain. We often see schools of fish like horse-eye jacks, Atlantic spade fish and Bermuda chubs.

Margo’s Place

The coral in this area rises up substantially from the mainly sandy bottom. There are many dark corners between the coral overhangs, and the sandy bottom provides a great habitat for Squirrel Fish, and juvenile and spotted drums.