Fishing Vacations on Andros, Bahamas

Andros Island is laced with thousands of miles of waterways and extensive inland flats that offer serious opportunities to spin casters and fly fishermen. We use an in-house team of local guides and an in-house fleet of boats to provide the best Bahamas bonefishing, reef fishing, and deep-sea fishing.

Fishing Highlights

  • Half-day and full-day fishing trips available
  • Tackle, equipment, and lunch included on all trips
  • Experienced guides for beginners and expert fishermen
  • Bonefishing, reef fishing, and deep-sea fishing trips available


Bonefishing Trips

$490 half-day; $700 full day

Our bonefishing boat holds two fishermen plus a guide. Gear is included and we will pack lunch for full-day trips. Lunch can be arranged on half-day trips for a nominal fee. We offer free transportation to Fresh Creek, a 20-mile waterway. For other locations, a nominal transportation fee applies.

Deep-Sea Fishing Trips

$630 half-day; $900 full day (4 person max)

Our deep-sea fishing boat holds four fishermen plus a guide. Gear is included to fish for: kingfish, wahoo, barracuda, yellow-fin tuna, Mahi, etc. We will pack lunch for full-day trips for our guests (otherwise nominal fee). Deep-Sea Fly fishing: November, December, February, March, April.

Times subject to change with tides and weather

Reef Fishing Trips

$385 half-day; $550 full day

Our reef fishing boat holds four fishermen plus a guide. Gear is included to fish for grouper, snapper, trigger, and mackerel. We will pack lunch for full-day trips, or lunch can be arranged on half-day trips for a nominal fee. This trip is great for everyone in the family, including kids!

Bonefishing in the Bahamas

What other sport combines the stealth of hunting, the planning of chess, and the exhilaration of fighting the strongest pound for pound fish in the world? The cast needs to be perfect, the bait needs to be convincing, the fly’s ‘behavior’ needs to be natural. Then, once the bait is taken, the strip needs to be long and slow.

Imagine standing on a boat in the clearest water, with the perfect white-sand bottom. There’s no one for as far as the eye can see. The only sounds you hear are the call of the birds and the lapping of the ocean. Then you hear your guide whisper “30 yards at 12 o’clock.” And thus the hunt for the elusive Bonefish begins!

Bonefishing Highlights

  • Little to no other boat traffic
  • Experienced bonefishing guides
  • The perfect habitat for these elusive fish
  • Guides for beginners to advanced fly fishermen
  • Lots of activities for the non-fishermen of the group
  • Customized bonefishing trips based on experience level
  • Miles of Waterways with Little to No Traffic
  • Unlike fishing in Florida, Andros is devoid of multiple boats zooming across the water and scaring the fish away. Most of the time you will be perfectly alone in the ocean or inland waterways and creeks with just the company of your great guide.

Our Guides

Most Andros guides have been bonefishing with their fathers since they were kids. They know the waters, they know the fish, and they know the flats. Here at Small Hope, we work with some of the finest world-class guides who are fishermen themselves and have the patience and knowledge to teach first-timers too.

And Plenty of Activities for Everyone Else

At Small Hope Bay Lodge, your family can have a great time while you’re out fishing. Our family-friendly resort offers a full program of diving, snorkeling, and nature tours. We also have bicycles, kayaks, paddleboards, windsurfing boards, and a sailboat, plus a beachfront hot tub, an open bar, and incredible food.

Gear to Bring for Bonefishing on Andros

At Small Hope Bay Lodge, we have all the fishing gear you will ever need, but if you would like to bring anything of your own, including rods, flies, and lures, feel free!

  • Lightweight pants and a long-sleeved top
  • Reef safe sunscreen and non-toxic bug spray
  • Hat with lining and sunglasses with UV protection
  • A light waterproof jacket and wading boots
  • Recommended Flies & Tackle
  • A variety of flies
  • Spawning shrimp (with small lead eyes)
  • Any kind of Gotcha
  • Clousers; all 4’s and/or 6’s
  • 8 weight fly rod with 9-foot tapered leaders
    The recommended range in Tippet size is 8-16 lbs