Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Small Hope has undergone The Bahamas’ Clean & Pristine certification to make sure our cleaning, social distancing and testing are industry best practices.
We’ve been welcoming limited numbers of guests since July and are looking forward to seeing you in 2021. Travel requirements change rapidly but we are staying on top of the situation as it evolves.

Call or email us for help and information about:

The up-to-date regulations for The Bahamas.

Managing testing both and after arrival. Including the pre-departure test now required but the CDC.

Help you with flight information – including direct flights from the US to Andros (with our partners Maker’s Air.)

If you are interested in traveling to see us, just reach out and let us
help you make it as seamless and easy as possible. Please see below for more information on our Cancellation & Deposit policy and changes we’ve made to our Dining, Cleaning and Activities. And feel free to send us an email with any questions.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas is currently open for tourism with the requirement of pre arrival and post arrival testing. Up-to-date information on the regulations can be found at this link. Here at Small Hope we are happy to walk you through the regulations and make sure your health visa application is reviewed before travel. We have helped all of our guests travel to us with minimal stress.

Cancellation & Deposit policy

We know this is an uncertain time in the world, with fast changing circumstances, and so we have made our cancellation and deposit policy even more relaxed.

For reservations made between May 20th 2020 – January 20th 2021 we will require only a one night stay deposit. Your deposit is refundable for any reason up to 30 days before your stay and after 30 days it can be applied to a new date of stay. If your reservation is cancelled for a Covid-19 related reason we will refund that deposit up to 14 days before your stay. After 14 days we will transfer that deposit onto a new travel date- valid forever!

A Covid-19 reason is defined as:

Border closure, either in The Bahamas or your country of origin.

Compulsory quarantine in The Bahamas or your country of origin. 
Contracting Covid-19 before your stay.

For more information about our cancellation policy please email us.


We are staying all inclusive. Our rates will continue to cover a full, open bar and our generous Small Hope spread. All food and beverages will be served by dedicated staff members wearing masks and other sanitary gear. We are also switching to individual condiments and limiting shared items. Luckily we eat outside for the majority of the year! We will be making sure all outside and inside dining areas have adequate distance between tables. Private dining tables will be available.

Rooms & Property

We have decided to reopen with reduced cabins to ensure that our cabins will have a mandatory 3 day time period between reservations. And it means our beaches and boats are even more uncrowded than before. Our housekeeping staff will wear disposable gloves and masks while servicing the rooms. You also have the option to decline housekeeping if you would like.

We have increased the cleaning schedule of the common spaces of our property. And you will find both spray disinfectant & hand sanitizer throughout the property.  


We are monitoring all industry partners for the best practices for our Fishing, Diving and Nature tours. But here is what we plan so far:


If you would like to bring your own diving/snorkeling equipment or would like ship it to Small Hope Bay Lodge please let us know and we can assist you. If you plan to use our equipment here are the precautions we are taking:-  Our ambassadors will help you to choose your equipment, disinfect it and it will be kept in a dedicated cubby and container for your exclusive
use during your stay. There will be disinfectant on the dock and boats available for your use whenever you would like. 

Please note: if you plan to use our regulators you will be required to provide your own mouthpiece- you can bring your own or they will be available for purchase at the Lodge. 


All of our fishing is private and only your party and the guide will be present. We will be disinfecting the boat between each fishing trip.


All of our nature tours are private and only your party and the guide will be present. The vehicle will be cleaned between each tour.

Traveling to and from the Lodge

If you would like to get to Andros on a smaller flight directly from Fort Lauderdale here are the following options: 
Maker’s Air is a private, scheduled airline and private charter company that makes daily flights from a private hangar at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport and flies directly to Andros. 
Tropic Ocean Air is a private charter company that leaves from a small private terminal at Fort Lauderdale International Airport and lands in nearby Fresh Creek Airport. 
Air Flight is a private charter company that leaves from a small private terminal at Fort Lauderdale International Airport and lands in nearby Fresh Creek Airport.  

We would love to help you book your travel so don’t hesitate to contact us!
We at Small Hope Bay Lodge know how difficult these
times have been for you and your families, and we look
forward to welcoming you back to rest, relax, and rejuvenate with us again.

Stay well and we will see you soon!