Why Bonefish in the Bahamas?

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Why Bonefish in the Bahamas?

Bonefish in the Coastal Waters of AndrosBonefish are a coastal fish which live in tropical or warm temperate waters. Their lives start in the mangroves and they go deeper into the ocean as they grow bigger. However, because of their love for warmer waters and their diet, they never go too deep. They are found in the Caribbean waters, most commonly in South Florida, The Bahamas, and Bermuda. Towards the Pacific, they are abundant in from the San Francisco Bay, California, South to Peru, and West to Hawaii.

What makes the Archipelago of The Bahamas the best place to Bonefish?

It is the quiet waters without crowds of boats and tourists to scare away the fish. The islands also boast of the highest number of flats (stretches of low levels of water, with sandy beds and sea grass) which are prime Bonefish habitats.

In The Bahamas, there is no ‘right’ season for Bonefishing. January and February provide sunny, mildly warm days with little rain and no bugs. The deeper waters become cooler so you find bigger bonefish in shallower waters.

March to May is the Bahamian Spring, and it is considered excellent Bonefishing weather. The flats are teeming with Bonefish of all sizes!

June to August are the summer months, and while the sun is hot, the Atlantic breeze makes the day pleasant. The tropical colours have to be seen to be believed during this time, and the fishing is easier due to lighter wind.

Most of The Bahamas is closed for tourists during part of September and October because it’s the hurricane season, but later, as the temperature starts to drop, the months of November and December see the bigger Bonefish returning closer to the shore!

Large Number of Flats

Out of all the islands, Andros is the biggest and therefore has the largest coastline and the most flats. It is known as The Bonefish Heaven, and Small Hope Bay Lodge has the advantage of position. Located on Central Andros, near Fresh Creek, Small Hope Bay is close to most of the prime Bonefishing locations.

Additionally, Small Hope also has some of the best guides in the Bahamas including Glaister who is one of the only three Bonefishermen certified by the Federation of Fly Fishers in the Bahamas along with steady Jeff Cartwright, cheerful Ricardo and the ebullient Bonefish Bradley.

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