Our Philosophy at Small Hope Bay Lodge

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Our Philosophy at Small Hope Bay Lodge

Set against a backdrop of unspoiled and virtually undiscovered beauty, we create a place for you to get away from the distractions of modern life.

Once you have freed your mind from those distractions, you realise that it is the simple things that are most important. Simple things like waking up in the morning and seeing the sun rising in the sky instead of buildings... Simple things like sitting together with new and old friends, enjoying meals... Simple things like going to sleep with the sound of the waves on the rocks and the wind in the trees.

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Welcome to Small Hope!

When you check in here, you leave behind all your worries and tensions. You stay in our beautiful beach-front cabins, and enjoy our delicious meals with people who think like you. Also, you get to do some world-class diving, fishing and relaxing.

Small Hope is an All-Inclusive resort, so all your food and drinks are a part of the package... So are the friendly staff, the camaraderie, the family-like atmosphere, free internet in the lounge, and the wonderful friends you will make here. It is an experience you are not likely to forget, and are very likely to want to repeat!

Small Hope - Poem

At Small Hope Bay,
we try to live mindfully and harmoniously,
in our natural world.
We try to eliminate distractions,
so we can better experience it.
We open ourselves to it.
We let it touch us.
We learn from it.
We derive our pleasure from it.
We resist destroying it,
by protecting it from ourselves,
by just letting it be.

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