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Map of Andros Island Bahamas - Small Hope All Inclusive

Getting to Andros Island, The Bahamas is very easy!
We may be slightly off the beaten path, but that's a big
part of our appeal. Even though we're not in the center of a big tourist hub (thankfully!) we're really quite accessible.

(more info on getting to Andros)

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A Unique Bahamas Fishing Vacation at Small Hope

Bahamas Fishing - Bahamas Fly Fishing - Bonefishing in the Bahamas - Fishing Trip on Andros Island Bahamas - Map of North Andros Bahamas

Andros Bahamas is laced with thousands of miles of inland waterways and fishing flats. North, Middle and South Bights cut right through the island, east to west, creating a natural access to even more flats on the west side of the island. These provide world-class conditions for fly fishermen in pursuit of bonefish and tarpon.

Andros Island, with its 140-mile long reef and its extensive inland flats offers serious challenges to spincasters and fly fishermen. Small Hope Bay Lodge has its own in-house guides and boats. We use three guides primarily, plus a team of the best independent guides to offer great Bahamas Bonefishing, Reef Fishing, and Deep Sea Fishing.

Top Bahamas Bonefishing Areas Near Small Hope

We use the best and most qualified guides to offer these five options:

The Joulters:

Wide open fishing flats in North Andros.
Approximately one-hour drive each way, a nominal transportation fee applies.

Red Bays:

You leave just outside of the Red Bays settlement, the only settlement on the north west coast of Andros. Then head south fishing the pristine west coast, fishing in flats and creeks along the way.
An approximate 1-hour drive each way, access to the northern western part of the island to get to the west side, a nominal transportation fee applies.

Fresh Creek:

Light bottom creek with good ocean flats, and more.
Approximately ten-minute drive each way (best option for half-day fishing excursions) free transportation.

The Bights:

Wide open area with cays, goes straight through island to west side.
Approximately 45 minute drive each way, a nominal transportation fee applies.

Ocean Flats:

Available in most destinations. Young Sound and going to South Andros are great.
Access by boat from Fresh Creek, a nominal transportation fee applies.


If you prefer to fish on your own:

Walk down Small Hope's beach to Davis Creek. Try the Bay right in front of your cabin. There is also Fresh Creek, and many more secret spots.
All areas are approximately a 10-20 minute walk, or bike ride each way.


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Bonefishing | Reef Fishing | Deep Sea Fishing | West Side Overnight


Bahamas Fly Fishing - Fishing Trip
We at Small Hope Bay Lodge believe it takes more than world-class conditions to have a world-class bahamas fishing experience.

Sure, we have bonefish! Great schools of them and thousands of miles of flats. Tarpon, too. Serious fly fishermen come here and try to keep it all to themselves. We have great reef fishing, Grouper school in December and January, mutton snapper run in the summer. Dolphin and tuna and more keep spincasters fed.

We also have great guides who have experience not just in fishing, but in catering to fishermen. They know the waters, and their boats are sound and properly equipped.

Then there's the food and drink. We believe in eating well-very well. We pack you a great lunch each day you go out to the flats. And greet you with a great dinner when you return.

And we offer you a great place to stay, Small Hope Bay Lodge of Fresh Creek.

bonefishing - mangroves - bonefish in the bahamas

At Small Hope Bay Lodge your family won't be bored while you head out to the flats, or out to sea. We offer a relaxed resort atmosphere with a full program of diving and snorkeling. We offer bicycles, kayaks, a sailboat, windsurfers, and a sailboat. We also have a hot tub on the beach, nature trails, solarium, open bar, and great food.




Bahamas bonefish

  • $290 half-day; $425 full day.
  • Boat holds two fisherman plus guide.
  • Gear included (advise in advance if fly or spincaster).
  • Half-days: 8-12 or 1-5; full day is 8-4.
  • Small Hope will pack lunch for full-day trips for SHB guests (otherwise nominal fee).
  • Location is 20-mile waterway of Fresh Creek. Free transportation to Fresh Creek!
  • For fishing North Bight (35 miles south) or Stafford Creek (35 miles north) a nominal transportation fee applies.
  • For fishing The Joulters, add a nominal transportation fee.

Reef Fishing

  • $290 half-day; $450 full day
  • Boat holds four plus guide.
  • Gear included to fish for: grouper, snapper, trigger, mackerel, etc.
  • Half-days 8-12 or 1-5; Full days 8-4. Packed lunch included for SHB guests (otherwise nominal fee).

Deep Sea Fishing

andros deep sea fishing - bahamas fishing trip

  • $400 half-day; $550 full day
  • Boat holds maximum four plus guide.
  • Gear included to fish for: kingfish, wahoo, barracuda, yellow-fin tuna, dolphin, etc.
  • Half days 8-12 and 1-5; Full days 8-4. Packed lunch included for SHB guests (otherwise nominal fee).

Deep Sea Fly fishing: November, December, February, March, April.

Standing with the Big Catch of the Day a Wahoo

Standing with a Small Hope record breaker Wahoo catch.

West Side Overnight

  • Call Lodge for price
  • Two nights tent accommodations on the uninhabited West Side of Andros.
  • Includes all food and drink, all camping equipment.
  • Two days of supreme bonefishing and tarpon fishing.

Tackle and equipment are included on all trips. Times subject to change with tides and weather.

Quotes from Small Hope Bay Lodge's guests:

andros fly fishing
"When the first 20 pound bonefish is landed on a fly rod, it will be on Andros!"

"Any man who goes fishing just to catch fish, doesn't know what the heck he's out there for!"

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