Ocean Blue Holes

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Ocean Blue Holes - Andros Island Bahamas

All the main islands of the Bahamas have blue holes, but those of Andros are some of the best known. Andros has at least 178 on land as well as at least 50 in the sea.

Blue holes can best be described as entrances to the intricate cave systems which run underneath the island and sea floor. Because the ocean blue holes are connected to those inland they are affected by the tides. The ocean blue holes will "blow" and "suck" making it necessary to dive them at certain times. The "blow" usually pumps out cold subterranean water which may be milky with hydrogen sulfide and algae or, during the "suck," the water will be crystal clear as it sucks in the surrounding sea water. These different conditions create very different ways for us to enjoy the blue holes while diving.

From the incredible geological formations to the unique marine life which live in the caves, the ocean blue holes offer us some of the best diving experiences in the world.

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backside blue hole ocean scuba diving

Back Side Of The Blue Hole

This dive is at our regular ocean blue hole dive site, also known as King Kong's Blue Hole, though we start at the opposite side. As we swim into the valley, you will actually see a river of water, underwater! What is happening is the blue hole will be pumping out cold water, about 72 degrees, from underneath the island. The surrounding sea water is 84 degrees. The cold water is dark green compared to the light blue ocean water. This cold water is also denser which causes it to sink and run out one of the old stream beds. We will swim up this stream bed and into the blue hole where you will then see white algae that hangs in suspension like giant cob webs. This mixing zone creates an unforgettable visual experience. You will not see anything else like this on earth!

No maximum number of divers
Distance: 20 minute boat ride
Maximum depth: 70 feet
June-September only

ocean blue hole diving scuba andros bahamas

Blue Hole 2nd Level

The Blue Hole 2nd Level dive starts at 45 feet deep. We will swim over to the edge of the collapse and drop down in between the collapse and the ocean floor to 100 feet. Here, we will drop through a hole in the breakdown and come into a huge tunnel, where the bottom is 320 feet deep. We will traverse along the ceiling at 140 feet. After a short swim, the ceiling breaks away where you will see these incredible shafts of light coming through. A little further on you will come into the largest cavern in the Bahamas which resembles a lunar landscape. Looking up and out you can see a large variety of fish silhouetted above you. We will swim up through the cavern to the upper most lip and then circumnavigate the entire blue hole, seeing ancient river beds and waterfalls that were created during a previous ice age. Awesome!

One or two people
Distance: 20 minute boat ride
Maximum depth: 140 feet

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Blue Hole 3rd Level

From the boat we will swim down the anchor line then over into the blue hole to a huge fault line. This fault line will lead us into an enormous cavern at 180 feet. As we explore the massive geological rock structures of this beautiful cavern we will gradually start our ascent. The view looking up from this depth is an incredible site with shafts of deep blue light filtering down into the cavern. To exit the blue hole we will follow a tunnel which opens up into the floor of the blue hole near our entrance at 110 feet. Fantastic!

One or two people
Distance: 20 minute boat ride
Maximum depth: 180 feet

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