Andros Island Guide

Walls, Mini-Walls, Multi-Level Walls

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Over the Wall

This is a Small Hope Bay Lodge signature dive, with something to see at every level. Plummeting down to an ice age shore line at a depth of 185 feet, or you prefer to make your way along the coral grottos along the top of the wall filled with marine life of every description, this site has plenty to offer.

The Coliseum

A fabulous false wall, the Coliseum is just east of The Barge, one of our wreck dives. Typically, we anchor at the Barge and swim out to the Coliseum. A gradually sloping false wall leads to a plateau that plunges down into the Tongue of the Ocean.

Giant Staircase

Experience multi-level wall flying, as we follow ancient streambeds where water falls once cascaded into the sea, and then cruise back up, soaking in the dense proliferation of sponges, invertebrates and tropical fish.

Turnbull’s Gut

Right on the edge of the Tongue of the Ocean, there is a large fissure in the coral buttress running along the edge of the wall. This feature provides an excellent swim-through, which you can enter on the top of the wall and swim surrounded on all sides by coral. When you exit at 120 feet, you’ll see nothing below you but thousands of feet of water.

Whip Wire Wall

This beautiful multi-level dive is located on a nearly vertical wall covered in whip and wire corals. Only seen at deeper depths, these unique corals coil out away from the wall into the blue in a riot of pastel colors.