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Bonefishing in the Bahamas

Imagine this… You are standing on a small boat in clear blue water shallow enough to wade in, with the whitest sand under it. The Caribbean sun warms you and the sea breeze cools you. There is no one but you for as far as the eye can see, and the only sounds you hear are the call of the birds, the lapping of the ocean, the gentle breeze… and the voice of your guide quietly saying 30 yards, 12 o'clock!

And thus starts the hunt for the elusive Bonefish!

Bonefishing is not a hobby. It is not even a passion, really. It is an addiction. What other sport combines the stealth of hunting, the planning of chess, and the exhilaration of fighting the strongest pound for pound fish in the world?

Bahamas Bonefishing

The bonefish is hunted by stealthy sharks and speedy barracudas, and therefore is a very wary animal which can be spooked easily, and it’s also a very strong fighter. The smaller fish move in schools of up to four hundred, and as they grow bigger, the size of the school reduces as the bigger fish move off in to pairs as the need for the protection of the school reduces. Also, the bigger they grow the more experienced and warier they are. This is why catching a larger bonefish is such a challenge! The cast needs to be perfect (or as near-perfect as possible!), the bait needs to be convincing, the fly’s ‘behavior’ needs to be natural, and once the bait is taken, the strip needs to be long and slow.

On Andros, there are so many locations where Bonefish frequent. The abundant sea grass, the mangroves, the flats are all places where the Bonefish abound at various stages of their lives. With so many Bonefish-rich areas to choose from, the guides can ‘customize’ the Bonefishing trip based on the fisherman’s experience level.

So what makes Andros Island the perfect place for Bonefishing?

Bonefishing at Small Hope Highlights

  • Little to no other boat traffic
  • Extremely experienced guides
  • All the perfect habitats for hunting this elusive fish
  • Guides for beginners to advanced fly fishermen
  • Lots of activities for the non-fishermen of the group
  • hospitality assured
  • andros
  • the outislands
  • travellers choice awards
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