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Bird Watching on Andros Island

Come find birds truly unique to the Bahamas

More than 300 species of birds have been recorded in the Bahamas. One hundred and nine species breed in the Bahamas, 169 species are migrants or winter here, and 45 species are endemic. Some, like the Greater Flamingo and the Bahama race of the Cuban Parrot, can only be found in the wild on one or two of the islands.

Most of the breeding birds are part of the West Indian rather than North American avifauna, a fact that harkens back to the last Ice Age, when Andros was a mere five miles from what is now Cuba.

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At Small Hope Bay Lodge, we have binoculars, bird lists, and great places for viewing which we are happy to show you in a guided tour or for you to explore on your own. Active Bird Watchers come from all over the world to see the best birds in the Bahamas especially our endemic birds like the Great Lizard Cuckoo and the Bahamas Oriole.

Guided Birding Tour

We have created a new tour of four different places in the Blue Hole National Park where your chances for sightings are best. The four sights vary significantly (wetlands, dense dark coppice, pine forest and an abandoned farm) to ensure a variety of birds for you to discover. A great half day in the Andros Wilderness. We have no certified birding Guide on staff (yet) but our nature guides are very knowledgeable about the park and its inhabitants.

Small Hope Bay Lodge hosts birding on a regular basis. For a few highlights of past birding trips see our historic birding reports from 1998 and 2000-2005.

Great Places for Birds Near Small Hope

  • The Mangroves between our beach and the road
  • The grounds of the Lighthouse Club and Androsia
  • The Mangrove flats behind Kamalame Cove (Staniard Creek)
  • San Andros Airport
  • Dick's Crossing nature trail
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