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Snorkeling in the Bahamas

Snorkeling is one of our favorite activities at Small Hope Bay, whether it's from the boat on our daily trips to shallow sites on the sensational Andros Barrier Reef, or right off the beach at Small Hope Bay. If you've never snorkeled before, don't worry, we can show you how. If you can float and you like to have fun, you'll love snorkeling.

At Small Hope Bay Lodge, we offer daily boat trips to the reef, visiting different sites each day at depths ranging from 10 to 20 feet (3 to 6 meters).We also offer a chance to join divers on the Shark Observation Experience.

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But you don't have to venture far to discover fabulous snorkeling from shore - in the hiding places around the dock, on the patch reefs off the beach, and in the nearby creeks through the mangroves. We provide maps to help you find the best spots. If you're interested in learning more about the underwater environment, there's a reference library in the lodge to help you identify the myriad marine life, virtually in our backyard.

Every morning or afternoon, we take snorkelers on a boat trip to one of the fabulous nearby shallow reefs where you can immerse yourself in the wonders of the underwater world. (Snorkel boat trips require a minimum number of snorkelers.) And if you enjoy snorkeling, try our free Discover Scuba resort course. You'll be surprised how easy it is. And it's a lot of fun! Our expert dive instructors will safely teach you to scuba dive right off our dock - in water you can stand up in.

The best time for snorkeling from shore is within two hours before or after high tide. Early morning and late afternoon are also great times, and night time snorkeling is a lot of fun around our dock. Visit the same places at different times of day and you will notice the changing habits of the marine life.

Snorkeling Highlights

  • Daily snorkel trips to the Andros Barrier Reef (minimum 6 snorkelers)
  • Great snorkeling right from our shore
  • Snorkel gear available for rental
  • Learn to Snorkel for FREE
  • Chances to see a variety of reef fish and creatures
  • Water temperatures between 74 and 85 F all year long
  • hospitality assured
  • andros
  • the outislands
  • travellers choice awards
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