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Map of Andros Island Bahamas - Small Hope All Inclusive

Getting to Andros Island, The Bahamas is very easy!
We may be slightly off the beaten path, but that's a big
part of our appeal. Even though we're not in the center of a big tourist hub (thankfully!) we're really quite accessible.

(more info on getting to Andros)

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In addition to numerous other travel guide books like Fodors, Frommers, Rough Guide, and Lonely Planet, Small Hope Bay Lodge is proud to be listed in:
Kay Showker's, "100 Best Resorts in the Caribbean", 5th edition, listed under Andros, The Bahamas
Patricia Schulz's, "1000 Places to See before You Die", listed under The Caribbean, Bahamas, and Bermuda

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French M Culture magazine article.

50 nuances de bleu of Andros, Bahamas

Nous sommes à 5 milles des côtes, au large d’Andros, la plus grande des seize îles habitées des Bahamas, sur une fosse océanique de 1 300 mètres de fond. L’eau est tiède, avoisinant les 30 degrés. Derrière mes lunettes de plongée embuées, j’aperçois nos trois bateaux suiveurs. A ma droite, et à bonne distance, une quinzaine d’étudiants en biologie marine sont aussi à l’eau. Devant moi se tient le professeur, « Doc » Gruber, éminent spécialiste des squales.

Essential Magazines Adventure Travel recognises Small Hope

Diving - The Blue (And Black) Hole Of Andros, Bahamas

The name doesn't exactly scream “safety”, but where’s the fun in that? While we’re not encouraging any reckless behaviour, diving in Andros is well worth it. The capital of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas, Nassau, is a city populated by blooming skyscrapers, luxury yachts and over-zealous tourists eager to bask in the magic of the Bahamas. But just 60 miles from this thriving tropical city is an unexplored land home to one of the universe's great mysteries - black holes.

Go barefoot or go home: 15 best islands you've never heard of

(Andros) island (is) a veritable melting pot of cultures (it) also has the world's oldest dive shop, the Western hemisphere's second largest coral reef and locals who make waterproof straw baskets, batik and other crafts.

CNN's Ultimate Bahamas Experience

Divers swap stories and lies at Small Hope Bay Lodge, Andros, where the only thing better than peering over the Tongue of the Ocean is talking up the adventure with friends. And everyone's a friend at this affable, family-owned retreat near Fresh Creek. With its home-cooked buffets, eco-friendly accommodations and laugh-filled happy hours, Small Hope serves up everything but the camp songs. recently ranked Small Hope as one of the top 10 Dive Resorts in the world

"Located on the large, yet barely developed, island of Andros, divers have access to more than 60 dive sites that stretch along the Andros Barrier Reef and overlook a deep oceanic trench called the Tongue of the Ocean."

Living Like a Rock Star - Lenny Kravitz in the Bahamas- Sky Delta Magazine, Sept. 2011
by Steve Marsh

"Over the past three centuries, the pink-and white-sand beaches have been a haven for visitors ranging from aristocrats to families on spring break. "

Under, In and Through the Water- New Yorker Resident Magazine, August 2011
by Lavanya Sunkara.

"Least developed of all The Islands Of The Bahamas, Andros is a place where nature is untouched, people treat others like family and time flies by with smiles."

Bahamian Hideaways- Miami Herald, Sept. 2010
by Cheryl Blackerby

"Small Hope Bay is a treasure -- an internationally-known dive resort celebrating its 50th anniversary this year."

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"The Best Island Reefs" - Islands Magazine, Mar. 2010
Writer: Jad Davenport

"Dive Andros' Barrier Reef -the third largest in the world"


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The Bahamas best snorkelling (or bust) - National Post
Steve MacNaull, Canwest News Service Published: Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Island-hopping the Outs will bring you to Andros, the largest land mass in the Bahamas, and the remote and rustic Small Hope Bay Resort.

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Uysse Magazine, a French Magazine, Oct/Nov. 09
Writer : Elisabeth Berthou
Photographer : Jean-François Vitrant
An overall description of Andros and Small Hope
"Red Pine and Blue Holes"

Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, Sept. 2009
"Family Travel in the Bahamas"
Small Hope is featured as a great place for family vacations!

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Conde Nast Traveller Magazine, Sept. 2009, by Mollie Chen
"Five People to Know in the Bahamas"
Jeff Birch, owner of Small Hope, is featured in this article of people to know in the Bahamas!

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Sport Diver, Aug. 2009, By Ken McAlpine
"Connecting the Dots"...

"Flying via twin-engine Cessna from one signature Bahamas adventure to the next"


Fly with Ken as he visits Small Hope and tells of his experiences along the way


Maman Magazine – following pitch and press lunch Mireille Legait

Marie-France following a past group press trip Sylvie Metzelard

Japenese Article on Andros - Miami,FL,USA, Jan. 09, By Amy C. Balfour
"Finding beasts and blue holes in the Bahamas"

At 2,300 square miles, Andros is the largest of the Bahamian islands. It's also the most mysterious, ..

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Jaunted - The Pop Culture Travel Guide, November 2008 by Jennifer Baggett
"Andros Field Trip"
Including: "The Great Wall (Dive) Of Andros", "The Art of Androsia", "Journey Into The Great Blue Hole", and "Masters Of The Andros Island Dive Universe" video
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Jaunted - The Pop Culture Travel Guide, November 2008 by Jennifer Baggett
"Big Love for Small Hope"

Desperate to escape the chill and gloom that had settled over Manhattan, I accepted a spontaneous invite from my friend Mark for a week of beach bumming, bungalow-side boozing and world-class scuba diving in the Bahamas. In less than a New York minute, I'd stuffed my passport, PADI card and a few bikinis in a bag and was ready to head south in pursuit of the much hotter sun. Although it's the largest island in the Bahamas, Andros is far less inhabited and touristy than its Nassau neighbor yet just 15 minutes by plane ..., making it an ideal destination for a quick trip ...

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Lonely Planet, April 2008 by Amy C. Balfour
"Hiking in the Bahamas"

At 2,300 square miles, Andros is the largest of the Bahamian islands. It's also the most mysterious, its porous, limestone base riddled with swamps, creeks and underground tunnels and caverns ...

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MSNBC, March 2008 by Ty Sawyer of Sport Diver Magazine
"The Bahamas, our favorite neighbor - Diving, beaches, rum and more - a great adventure is closer than you think"

Andros, the fifth-largest island in the West Indies, sits on the edge of the third-largest barrier reef in the world, where divers can explore dozens of wrecks, come face to face with sharks and rays, and enjoy it's endless beaches, tropical breezes and of course, rum punch under a star-filled sky ...

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Outside Magazine, February 2008 by Jad Davenport
"Destinations: Reef Madness ... Andros Barrier Reef"

Anonymity has been kind to the Andros Barrier Reef. The world's third-largest reef, at more than 170 miles long, it sits less than a mile off the eastern shore of Andros Island, which means it's a mere hour's plane ride [from Fort Lauderdale, Florida], followed by a quick boat trip ...

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COOKIE Magazine ... mom style, kid culture, February 2007 by Matthew Hranek and Stephen Lewis Additional reporting by Brooke Lewy

"Andros, the Bahamas ... Three perfect little-known getaways that promise paradise instead of crowded beaches"
The Small Hope Bay Lodge has the feel of a family home. Which makes sense, considering its original structure was built in the 1960s by Dick Birch, a Canadian vacationing (and thawing) with his family on Andros, in the Bahamas. ...

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The Link Homeschooling Magazine, December 2006 by Danica Davidson
"Small Hope Bay Lodge"

the briefest glance around Andros Island, Bahamas is enough for people to realize they've found paradise ...

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The New York Resident, October 23, 2006
"Exceptional Service, Island Paradise"

The Small Hope Bay Lodge in Andros Island, Bahamas is not your typical Bahamas hotel ...


The Columbus Dispatch, February 5, 2006 by Dan Armitage

Bahamian resort offers paradise above and below sea level

Click here to read Dan's article


The Globe and Mail, November 12, 2005 by Peggy Abrahams
"Marine Mother and Son Moments"

Peggy Abrahams isn't a big hip hop fan, and her teenaged son doesn't care for Billie Holiday. But they do share a fondness for scuba - and on the Andros Barrier Reef, their bond is renewed.


Sport Diver Magazine, March 2005 by David Benz
"Andros Bahamas - The Land That Time Forgot"

As I sit by the fire, my eyes widen as I listen to the tales spun by an animated local of the "Big Yard" about the indigenous Chickcharnee ...


St. Petersburg Times, July 18, 2004 by Kenneth S. Allen
"Bahamian Resort Celebrates the Simple Life"

Andros, Bahamas article - Spanish magazine
Andros, Bahamas article - Spanish magazine Buceadores 28 (Spanish), Jun-Jul 2003
"Andros ;unnnnaaannnn!" by Magalie Dalix

"Soy muy feliz de poder de nuevo compartir mis experiencias y sentimientos sobre el mundo del submanirismo ..."


BlackWoman 432
Today's Black Woman, May 2002
"The Out Islands - Abaco & Andros" by Geme E. Summers

"In the morning we were off to Andros, which is the largest and least explored island [in the Bahamas], and is known as the bonefishing capital of the world ... It also boasts the second largest reef in the Northern Hemisphere ..."


Tropi-Ties 120

Tropi-Ties, Fall 2001
"An Adventure in Diving" by Hilary Bloom

"Andros Island, Bahamas is a haven for divers and nature lovers and it's just a 15-minute plane ride from Nassau or 1 hour from Ft. Lauderdale. Andros features the third largest barrier reef in the world that stretches 140 miles along its East Coast ..."


To see Hilary's article click here: Tropi-Ties.


IslandScene2001 108

Island Scene, Summer/Fall 2001
"Blue Wilderness" by Jad Davenport

"Exploring the Andros Barrier Reef, the world's most exciting living breakwater .... A mile off the eastern cost of Andros, where the turquoise shallows steep into midnight blue, I lean into an underwater freefall ..."



crtl0501 300
Caribbean Travel and Life, May 2001
"Of Mermaids and Monsters" by Steve Harris, photography by Chris Crumley

"The source of the island's [Andros'] mystery is not its myths and history, but the wilderness and frontiers -- both above and below the surface -- where the endless unknown gives way to endless discovery".



Buceadores 300
Buceadores 15 (Spanish), April 2001
"Escáner - Blue Holes" by Sergi Serrano

"Todas las islas principales de Bahamas cuentan con Blue Holes, pero sin duda los de Andros son los más conocidos".



Wild Bird, May 2000
"Tropical Retreat" by Kevin Karlson

"Andros makes an excellent destination for beginners and expert birders, especially if you have nonbirding partners. I felt that I was surrounded by old friends at Small Hope Bay Lodge, and I was experiencing a location that hasn't been affected by the long arms of corporate development."


New Woman, April 2000
"She's Going Down" by Dorothy Koomson

"We went down and suddenly I was in another world. Literally. I saw angelfish, grouper, silverfish, live coral, underwater plants and my dive buddies."


Junkanoo (Sun Sentinel Newspapers), January 2000
"Andros Island of Mystery and Adventure" by Connie Crowther

"There's not much in the world that's wrong with Andros. In fact, it may be one of the most perfect places in the world."


Immersed, Spring 2000
"Blue Holes of Andros" by John Harding

"Ecologically aware, the funky old resort (Small Hope Bay Lodge) is beloved by an eclectic assortment of divers, bird watchers and naturalists. The resort's well-established dive program includes resort courses (at no extra charge) reef dives, night dives, shark dives and wall dives to 185 feet/56 meters or more. In addition, their specialty dive program offers guided dives for one or two divers to offshore and inland blue holes. With more than 200 known inland blue holes and more than 50 in the accessible offshore area, there's plenty for divers to see."


Agenda New York, September 1999
"The Source: Island Hideaway: Andros"

"Small Hope certainly sets the tone for trust-building, as it has a way of eroding modern, 'civilization inspired' hang-ups about safety of self and possessions. Crime isn't a problem here. Guests can feel free to walk the beaches and even nature trails all hours of the day or night, and the resort confidently maintains its longstanding tradition of key-free rooms."


Guidelines-C.D.A.A. Newsletter March 1999
"Blue Hole Diving on Andros Island" by Ken Smith

"We were at the top of a huge chasm which widened as it dropped out of site below us. A fixed line went straight down into the abyss. My depth gauge read 55 metres so we stuck to our dive plan to follow a horizontal fixed line across the cave..."


Buceadores (Spanish) June/July 1999
"Bahamas-Perlas Virgenes del Caribe" by Ingrid Riera

Augsburger Allgemeine (German) June 22, 1999
"Die Bahamas sind Ganz Anders" by Lilo Solcher

Specialist Angler - Spring/Summer 1999

"Bahamas Bonefishing with an Eight Weight Fly Rod" by Martin James
"...Some eighty to ninety yards of line went in the first run. The reel was probably going at ten thousand rpm's. It stopped and then turned towards me. I wound in the line like a demented demon trying to keep in touch then it went off in another direction, taking some of the hard earned line. This was fishing at its best, what a way to enjoy a birthday present..."


Living Bird, Spring 1999 Volume 18/No. 2
"Birding in Paradise" by Rachel Dickinson

"Black-cowled Oriole. Got it! Little Blue Heron, Yellow-crowned Night-Heron--got it! White crowned Pigeon, Common Ground-Dove. Willet, Ruddy Turnstone, mangrove Cuckoo, Smoth-billed ani, Cuban Emerald, Red-Legged Thrush, La Sagra's Flycatcher, Bahama Swallow--got it, got it, got it! We saw Bahama specialties. We saw Bahama endemics. We saw migrants..."


National Geographic Traveler, March 1999
Cover Story: "Coral Visions" by Florence Williams

"I signed up for guided snorkel trips at Small Hope Bay Lodge because I wanted to learn about the reef--not just glimpse it as most of us tend to, like an exotic garden seen from a passing train. 'A coral reef is like an art museum,' as one biologist puts it. 'You can still enjoy it if you don't know anything about art, but you'll like it better if you do."


The Coral Gables Gazette, July 1-7, 1998
"Travel: The Awakening Giant" by Charles Greenfield

"I can't get over the persistence of nature. Flaming red African tulip trees, delicate pink frangipani, and neon orange poinciana grow extravagantly on the sides of the road.."


Senior Magazine, October, 1995
Cover Story: "The Good Life in the Bahamas - Escape Artist" by Sallie J. Francis

"In 1960 Dick (Birch) walked away from a corporate job with lavish perks to build a small scuba diving resort in the Bahamas. Instead of neckties, memos and meetings, Dick entered the Land of Make Do, now-you-see-me, now-you-don't employees, and a swimsuit-eating donkey"


The Washington Post Magazine, October 10, 1993
"The Diver and the Deep Blue Sea" by Ken Ringle

"Below us blue quickly faded to darkness. Above us the overhang stretched up and out, a cathedral arch reaching for the distant light. On either side the reef wall stretched up, down and away, a mile-high unanswered question outlined in deepening shadow. It was like standing on the edge of creation."


New York Magazine, March 4, 1991
"Traveling Single: More Great Places to Go Solo" by Jennifer Cecil

"Good fellowship is integral to the Small Hope Bay experience. New arrivals learn the ropes from other guests or from the extended Birch family. Dives and other daily doings are chalked on greenboards in the dining room; you get details from you tablemates during the breakfasts and buffet lunches. At dinner, when shorts and T-shirts replace bathing suits and cover-ups, you take your place at a six or eight-seat table."


Privilege (Air Canada) Spring 1991
"Stroke of Calm" by Margaret Webb

"The Lodge has become a natural magnet for Canadians seeking temporary escape. The main building resenbles a cottage up north, with its coral-stone exterior, sturdy pine trim and massive stone fireplace. And the atmosphere is a slice of family weekend at the cottage."


Undercurrent, June 1991
"Small Hope Bay" anonymous

"The diving is excellent, the reef, a five-minute boat ride from the dock, is virtually untouched with many caverns and tunnels. There is much variety in dive sites and excellent supervision by divemasters. Its charm lies in its laid-back style and friendly staff and guests."


New York Daily News, January 10, 1988

"Andros Island - An Escape From The Real World" by Pat Jenkins
"For today's jaded tourist, tired of the commercial resort rat race, Andros offers the simplicity and serenity of yesterday's tropical paradises. Here, if you choose, you can be the sole sun-worshipper on any one of dozens of picture-perfect beaches; dive into the turquoise beauty of an oceanic "Blue Hole;" or Articles.html sample local herbal teas guaranteed to cure everything from the common cold to the broken heart.


Esquire Magazine, March 1988
"Man At His Best: Reef Madness" by Geoffrey Norman

"A few feet from the anchor line the reef ends in a sheer frop. From ninety feet, the sea falls off a mile or more here Divers call it a wall, and it tempts them the way the sound barrier once tempted test pilots."



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