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    Get yourself to Nassau and we'll refund the ticket to Andros.

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    Get money off for your flight, get money off for diving.

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    Great fishing, great offers.

  4. Private Pilot Fuel Credit

    Hop on over, we've got great access for private pilots and now it's even more affordable.

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    The Bahamas is made for island hopping and Andros is even better.


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How To Get To Small Hope Bay Lodge - Andros Island, Bahamas

Getting to Andros Island, Bahamas is a piece of cake!

We may be slightly off the beaten path, but that's a big part of our appeal. Even though we're not in the center of a big tourist hub (thankfully!) we're really quite accessible.

Getting here is just a quick one-hour flight from Fort Lauderdale or a 12-minute air hop from Nassau. If you're staying in Nassau on either end of your trip, you can even take a ferry to or from Andros, if you prefer.

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We make getting here easy!

Step 1

Get to your flight to Nassau or Fort Lauderdale. We've included the Skyscanner tool here to search for cheap flights. But remember it's only one of many.

Skyscanner is a tool to find cheap flights. If you want to your stay with us please email or call.

Step 2a

If you land in Nassau International Airport (NAS), book your flight from Nassau to Andros (In a lot of cases if you'll get this free.). We've included a LeAir tool here to search for flights. However this is only one company of many and while all prices for flights to Andros are approximately $110, a quick (free) phone call, email or chat to us and we can help you get a flight with any of the other companies available.

Travel Tip - There is a line for people traveling to the Out Islands (Andros) on the left side of the Immigration hall. The line is much shorter there!

Depature Date from Nassau:

Departure Date from Fresh Creek:

Step 2b

If you land in Fort Lauderdale International Airport (FLL) and want to fly direct to Andros, you can fly via Watermaker to Andros Town Airport (ASD).


Nassau (NAS) is a major international airport and you can get here from pretty much anywhere with nearly all major airports and routes having direct flights. 

Taxis to Small Hope Bay Lodge are always available from the airport.


Scheduled Flights

Fort Lauderdale

Travel to Andros Island Bahamas

Watermakers Air

Small Hope has negotiated with Watermaker's Air to get special rates for our guests. Flight leaves from Ft. Lauderdale Executive Airport (FXE) They fly almost daily and for advance bookings can fly either in the morning or the afternoon. Phone: 954-771-0330


Le Air - Nassau to Andros Flights


Daily 7 days a week, Leair offers a 15 minute flight leaving from Nassau International Airport and landing in Andros International Airport

Nassau -> Andros Town Airport
06:30AM & 3:45PM

Andros Town Airport -> Nassau
07:00AM & 4:30PM

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reservations: 1-242-377-2357 or 1-242-377-3375

*Schedule subject to change

Glen Air

Informal flexible flight service from Nassau. Please contact the office for details.

Randolph Holdings

Informal flexible flight service from Nassau. Please contact the office for details.



Charter Flights

Fort Lauderdale

Air Flight Logo

Air Flight Inc.

Airflight Inc offer 7 & 9 passenger planes, phone and speak to Dave or Lisa on 954-359-0320 for more information

Trans Caribbean Air

Speak to Chuck on 888-239-2929 or 954-434-5271

* Rates include transfer from baggage claim

Aztec twin engine plane

5 passengers or max weight of 900lbs (passengers and luggage)



Private Pilots

Small Hope has great Special Offers and private pilot packages. Fresh Creek, Andros (Andros Town) is a great place for Private Pilots being just 150 nautical miles from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Flying to Small Hope Bay Lodge, the Andros Town airport (MYAF) is a very friendly Port of Entry. Customs is open between 9:00am and 5:00pm, 7 days a week. Overtime can be arranged by calling Customs & Immigration at (242) 368-2030.

There are no customs fees for truly "private" pilots (this does not apply to corporate jets or commercial planes). The runway is 4,200 feet, 9 & 27. No Fuel, but only 26 nautical miles from Nassau. Longitude W 77 degrees 48' - Latitude N 24 degrees 42' Check the Bahamas and Caribbean Pilot's Guide for more information.

Peter Janders' Testimonial with great info for pilots: - Click to slide out

I have been flying to the Bahamas for vacation from Birmingham, Alabama for about 30 years and Jeff Birch of Small Hope Bay Lodge at Andros Town Fresh Water Creek has asked me to share some pointers:

We stop over at Fort Pierce`s St. Lucie County Intl. airport ( FPR) because it is a port of entry with a short turn around time and "Tiki" Restaurant of Volo Aviation serves some excellent food.

Volo Aviation also helps with all the paper work and rents survival gear should you need it. For a fee of $ 5.- they even prepare all your paperwork in advance if you call ahead (772-489-2285 ) for an info fax sheet and fax it back to them. From ther it is 200nm to Fres Water Creek ( MYAF ).

I used to fly at 2500 feet VFR because this is the fastest way to cover the distance. However ever since I once lost my engine driven fuel pump in my Bellanca Super Viking at 8000 feet over land and lost 2000 feet altitude before I isolated the problem and motored home using the auxiliary fuel pump, I prefer to fly IFR at 8 to 9000 feet.

It only takes 5 to 10 minutes longer because of IFR routing but adds a considerable measure of safety.

On my last flight recently I had to deal with the new government requirement of electronic Advance Passenger InformationSystem ( eAPIS ). Mike Hornby and Jeff Birch of SHBL were very helpful in walking me through the obstacles and traps of this procedure over the phone. Since a mistake in compliance can cost you $ 5,000.- per soul on board it was particularly reassuring that they let me use their Flight Plan Program ( as an intermediary between you and our friendly government. They take all the risk!

MYAF has a long runway because of the nearby US Naval Station.

Frequencies: IFR: On the way out you end up with Nassau app/dep (121.0) to close your flight plan. MYAY unicom is 122.8.

On the way back file on the ground with 1-800 WxBrief or Miami (305) 233-2600. You can also file in the air with Nassau (121.0) But don`t forget to call US customs at least one hour ahead of your projected arrival time ( FPR customs after 10 am (722) 461-1733, earlier (561) 233-1080

VFR: File on the ground as above. If you file within 12 hour of your departure you usually get a squawk right then. Activate your flight plan once airborne with Miami radio 118.4. If you can`t raise 118.4 (unlikely) listen to Bimini VOR on116.7 and transmit on122.1. Other options, near Ft Lauderdale: Miami radio 126.7 or 127.9 or 128.6.



Scheduled Ferry Service


Bahamas Fast Ferries

Bahamas Fast Ferries SeaLink

  • Service 3 times per week leaving from Potter's Cay, Nassau.
  • Schedule: Nassau-Fresh Creek/Andros 8:00AM Sun., Wed. & Fri.
  • Fresh Creek/Andros-Nassau 12:30pm Wed. & Fri.
  • Fresh Creek/Andros-Nassau 11:30am Sun
  • Call for reservations: 1-242-323-2166
  • Approximate duration of trip is 2.5 hours

*Schedule subject to change


Layovers - click to slide open

If you have a layover at the Nassau Bahamas International Airport here are a few suggestions of things to do:

  • If you have 2 hours and want to stay close to the airport, go visit these hotels. any of the numerous taxi drivers at the airport will know the directions.
    • Orange Hill, an out island style hotel overlooking the hill hotel
    • Compass Point a colourful hotel, located next to the beach a short taxi ride from the airport.
    • A Stone's Throw Away is perched on one of the highest elevations by the coast with rare panoramic views of Nassau's land and sea.
  • If you have 3 hours and want to see Cable Beach or gamble a bit, try the Wyndam Crystal Palace Casino where the Wyndam and Sherton are located. Give your luggage to the bellman and go through the casino to the "Seagrape" restaurant and then venture out from there.
  • If you have about 4 hours you can take a taxi to Bay Street, home of the Straw Market, lots of shops, and the Pirate Museum. Have the taxi take you to the British Colonial Hilton, tip the bellman and give him your luggage. Travel time is a little over 30 minutes each way.
  • If you have more than 4 hours and want to go over to Paradise Island, go visit Atlantis, a Las Vegas style casino right on the beach with an aquatic theme. Make sure to visit the aquarium in the "dig". Travel time is 45 to 75 minutes each way.


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