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Getting to Andros Island, The Bahamas is very easy!
We may be slightly off the beaten path, but that's a big
part of our appeal. Even though we're not in the center of a big tourist hub (thankfully!) we're really quite accessible.

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What is Androsia

Androsian Pareo

Androsia Long Pareo

Androsia is a Batik clothing and fabric manufacturing company based on Andros and a Bahamian tour de force. Established in the early 70s, its vibrant colours and award winning designs have become synonymous with Bahamian culture and pride.

It's Andros based factory makes clothing, household items, accessories and toys, and of course fabric for wholesale, interior design or home projects.

The clothing and fabric is all hand made and the dyes used are all cold water reactive which gives rise to the give bright vibrant colours that make you stand out from the crowd and brightens your day. The factory outlet shop in Fresh Creek currently employs 20 women on an island where jobs are scarce and mainly for men. Androsia was also an early pioneer of technology creating its first website in 1997 and proud to announce its revamp in 2013

Androsia Wrap

Androsia Wrap Skirt

Androsia Products


We have a full range of Ladies tops, skirts, dresses, knits, pants and shorts, in stylish selection of vibrant colours and naturally inspired prints all hand made and printed for the authentic Bahamian feel. In addition we have unique styles of Men's shirts and shorts and a great selection of Children's clothing to keep any parent happy, all with the same attention paid to the vibrant, hand made Bahamian look.

Houseware and Accessories

Not only will you find Androsia on the streets and creeks of the Bahamas, but you will also find us in the homes. From Cushions, Throws and Table Covers to Cuddle Toys for bed time, and you can carry it all away in one of our beautiful bags.

By the Yard and Wholesale

Dolphins in Fire Coral

Androsia Wrap Skirt

Do you have an idea for Androsia we haven't thought of? You can buy our Fabric by the Yard in Cotton, Canvas, Voile and Mommie and get creative with your own designs. Or if you have a great idea get us to make it for you if you buy Wholesale and we'll help you with our wide range of designs and custom patterns.


In the Beginning

Started in 1973, the same year the Bahamas won it's independence, Dick and Rosi Birch of Small Hope Bay Lodge created a small cottage industry when they watched a guest occupy children on a rainy day with a batik craft project.

This was a product that they reasoned could be unique, colourful, and 100% Bahamian. Once the fabric was made, it could be sewn into easy-care island garments. This would help employ single women with families, an objective that was especially important to the Birches.

They developed the concept that each yard would be hand-done. Every print would symbolize a natural element found in the Bahamas, and all the colours would be colours pulled right from the islands.

Androsia soon grew in popularity to the point that it had to be consolidated, and the production moved from Small Hope Bay Lodge and various local homes to the factory site at Fresh Creek it now occupies.

Present Day

Although much has changed at Androsia from those early days of hand-dyeing fabric in tubs under the palm trees, a lot remains the same. Each and every print, from "Schooling Groupers" to "Breadfruit", is still recognizably Bahamian. Androsia prints feature shells, birds, fish, and flowers fond in the Bahamas, dyed in colours like guava pink, sea green, and aqua-tide.

Every colour still has its origins in the waters, flora and fauna of the Bahamas. Lyford Green is from the beautiful seas off Lyford Cay in Nassau, Shocking Pink is the small line found inside the national flower, the yellow elder, and Cabana Blue is from the boat covers that dot the harbours of Abaco. Every yard is still hand printed and hand dyed and dried under the Bahamian sun.

All Androsia fabrics are hand-waxed and hand-dyed so no two yards are exactly alike. After wax-printing the design, the 100% Natural Fibre Fabric is then hand dyed using some of the finest cold water reactive dyes. When the wax is removed using several baths of very hot water, the beautiful white design remains against the vivid background. The fabric is then dried on clothes lines in the sun.

During the wax removal process on the fabric, minor shrinkage occurs, so that all finished garments and fabrics are preshrunk!

How to Contact

Jeff Birch or Casey Birch
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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