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Map of Andros Island Bahamas - Small Hope All Inclusive

Getting to Andros Island, The Bahamas is very easy!
We may be slightly off the beaten path, but that's a big
part of our appeal. Even though we're not in the center of a big tourist hub (thankfully!) we're really quite accessible.

(more info on getting to Andros)

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Fishing Guides of Small Hope Bay Lodge

Jeff, Bradley and Glaister

Small Hope takes a lot of pride in our fishing guides. All of our guides have been fishing for many years and are not only knowledgeable in techniques and equipment, but they have extensive experience in all the fishing sites and areas around Andros. Whether you are an experienced fisherman looking for a guide who knows his way around the waterways, or just starting to take an interest in fishing and looking for someone to help develop your skills and experience the guides of Small Hope Bay Lodge can help. They are all mobile and can access all areas of North Andros, Joulters, West Side through Red Bays, the Bights, West Side through Bights, Stafford Creek, Fresh Creek, and Ocean Flats.

Glaister Wallace

Glaister Wallace Small Hope Bonefishing Guide

Small Hope Bay Fishing guide.

Specializing in Bonefishing, Reef, and Deep-sea fishing (trolling and fly-casting).

Born in Tarpon Bay, Eleuthera on April 23, 1968

Has three children, all boys.

Glaister started fishing at a very young age. He came to Andros and started bonefishing at the Andros Island Bonefishing Club and quickly became passionate about fishing. At Small Hope, he is known for being a wonderful guide and teacher, and is the guy for helping anyone who really wants to hone their technique. He has been a Small Hope guide since 1994.

When Glaister is done fishing for the day he heads back to his home in Cargill Creek, to the south, where he also runs a tiki-bar in the evenings. He specializes in amazing seafood dishes and salads, all served with cold drinks and good music and great company.

"Anyone that can cast can catch a fish. It is the skill of the fisherman that determines the size of the fish you catch." - Glaister Wallace

Jeff Cartwright

Jeff Cartwright Guide

Small Hope Bay Fishing guide.

Specializing in Bonefishing, Reef, and Deep-sea (trolling and fly-casting).

Born in Tarpon Bay, Eleuthera Sep 13th, 1967

He is married to Barbara and they have 4 children.

Jeff started his fishing career as a young boy in Eleuthera going out with his dad and uncles. When he came to Andros he came to follow his love of fishing and Barbara. He started is fishing career working out of Andros Island Bonefish Club for three years.

Jeff has been a Small Hope Bay Lodge fishing guide since 1996. He is known as Small Hope's "family guide". He is thoroughly professional and knowledgeable but has a carefree outlook on fishing and always makes the guests feel at home, comfortable and definitely makes sure they have fun!

When he is not on the boat Jeff is a citrus farmer. He lives in at the Bahamas Agricultural Research Center (BARC) in North Andros and grows many varieties of citrus and vegetables. Sometimes our guests are lucky to have some of Jeff's citrus fruits served here at Small Hope Bay Lodge.

"Fishing is a passion that you are born with. I am so proud to be a part of the Small Hope family sharing new fishing experiences with our guests". - Jeff Cartwright

Brent Mackey . . . aka "Bonefish Bradley"

Bradley Mackey Guide

Small Hope Bay Fishing guide.

Specializing in Bonefishing and Reef fishing.

Born in Bowen Sound, Andros Bahamas, July 18th, 1973

He is the father of 4 children (a boy, and three girls which includes a set of twins)

Bradley started fishing with his dad, reef fishing and bonefishing with hand line when he was about four years old. He became serious about bonefishing when he was 17 years old where he started by going on practice training with other guides. He worked with various fishing clubs in the area for a few years and now has been a Small Hope Bay Lodge guide specializing in bonefishing since 1994.

As a guide, Bradley especially enjoys the ocean flats and wading in the waters. He is a very fun guide who loves to grab a drink with his guests after a great day of fishing.

Currently he lives in Bowen Sound, to the south. Bradley also spends time at his tiki-bar at the Andros Town Airport which serves snacks, finger-foods, cold drinks and more. You can even stop by and say hi while you wait for your flight.

Bonefish used to be eaten for meals way back when, but not now ... As Bradley says, "it is catch and release because if you are going to take it serious and share the art of bonefishing you need to protect the resource".

Ricardo Mackey

Ricardo at Small Hope Beach

Small Hope Bay Fishing guide.

Specializing in Bonefishing and Reef fishing.

Born in Cargill Creek, Andros Nov 23rd, 1971

He is married to Anastasia Capron Mackey and they have three children.

Ricardo started fishing as an apprentice with Sidney Bain and Carl Moxey when he was 21 years old working out of Cargill Creek Lodge as a house guide.

As a fishing for more than a decade, he has worked primarily with Small Hope Bay Lodge. As a guide he is considered the "nature guide" and enjoys taking guests through various water ways and the remote flats and regions in his pursuit of bonefish.

Ricardo says that "Andros is the best bonefishing area in the world" and he is committed to keeping it that way.

timer our reef and deep sea fishing guide at small hope bay lodge beach


Fishing for over 50 years and working at Small Hope Bay Lodge for over 30 years, Timer first started his training when he was 12 at the famous Bang Bang Club on Andros. In that time he has taught many famous people including Jack Nicklaus, golfer, Admiral Brady, US Navy and Commander Adams of the British Royal Navy.

Timer has two passions in life; Fishing and Construction, but when you get out in to the tranquil deep blue you can see why fishing is his real deep passion

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