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Map of Andros Island Bahamas - Small Hope All Inclusive

Getting to Andros Island, The Bahamas is very easy!
We may be slightly off the beaten path, but that's a big
part of our appeal. Even though we're not in the center of a big tourist hub (thankfully!) we're really quite accessible.

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Ways to Explore Our Environment on Andros

(in alphabetical order)

The means is the end. Cruise slowly through sleepy villages, down to deserted beaches, up into inland blue holes for swimming. Find trails for birding, search out wild orchids. Small Hope offers its guests complimentary use of its bikes, along with a list of excursions and maps.

Biking at Small Hope

A nice day for a bike ride

Small Hope provides bird lists, binoculars and identification books to set out on an independent birding walk. A guided tour to sites in the Blue Hole National Park where you can spot a variety of species is available too. Even though no certified Birding Guide is part of our staff we make sure to get you where you want to be for the best chances to track down the birds you are looking for. We also host several birding groups throughout the year. There are over 200 species of birds that inhabit the Bahamas as well as numerous migratory ones. Andros, with its vast undeveloped land, is home to many of them--including the BahamaWoodstar, the Great Lizard Cuckoo, the Black-cowled Oriole, and the West IndianWhistling Duck. (See About Birds)

Pine Warbler

Pine Warbler sitting on pine

Blue Holes Dives
Blue Holes are underwater cave systems, and Andros is riddled with them.In fact, this little known Inland Blue Hole Dive - Advanced Divingisland has been the site of some of the deepest underwater cave penetrations in the world. As Small Hope Divers we explore nine of these blue holes--mostly as part of our Specialty Dive Program. (See Diving and Snorkeling) Some of these blue holes are in the ocean, some are on land. Some require a flight--or a short walk through the bush. The first level of our Ocean blue hole is friendly enough that we take groups of divers through it as part of our regular dive program. There is even a nearby inland blue hole that we use as a fresh water swimming hole. (See About Blue Holes)

Rainbow blue hole

The Rainbow blue hole

Combining education with pleasure, Small Hope Bay Lodge offers a full service dive program with a huge diversity of dive sites for all levels of diver. Complete instruction is also available as well as evening slide presentations and discussions about the Andros Barrier Reef system. In addition, a library of reference books is readily available.

Diving at Small Hope

A group diving at Small Hope

Andros Island is known for its world-class bonefishing. It is a fly fishermen's paradise. Reef and Deep Sea fishing are also available. We work with our own in-house guide and several excellent local guides.

Catching a bonefish

An Andros caught bonefish

Guided Eco-Trips
We have half- day and full- day guided nature tours – These are themed in order to give you more than an introduction to one of the great wilderness areas of North America. A great opportunity to take a walk to the wild side for all ages (additional fees apply).

Small Hope has a small fleet of kayaks, available free for our guests. While it is fun just to go out and paddle, we have put togethersuggested itineraries to encourage paddlers to see and learn more aboutthe island.

Kayaking at Sunset

Kayaking Fresh Creek at sunset

Nature Trails
Small Hope has a series of walks we have designed that take through the bush and along the mangroves. We have created books and tagged some of the plant life so that you can identify them. Guided eco-trips to the inland blue holes and mysterious North Andros are also available for a nominal fee.

encyclia orchids

Encyclia Orchids

From Small Hope, one can find varied snorkeling from shore--from the bay to the mangrove creeks to the "mini reef" under the dock. Maps and fish identification lists are provided. Daily boat trips to the incredible Andros Barrier Reef provide superb snorkeling sites within 15 minutes of our dock.

Turtles while snorkeling and diving

Turtles near the surface while snorkeling and diving

Shark Observation Dives
Sit in the sand in 50 feet of water, and observe shark behavior up close. Learn the true facts about these magnificent creatures. Special Rates apply. (also see About Sharks)

shark observation dive

Safe and up close, the shark observation dive

Wall Dives
One mile offshore in the Andros Barrier Reef is a veritable grand canyon. It is more than a mile-deep, a trench called the Tongue of the Ocean. The ledge of this canyon begins around 70 feet, and the drop-off is amazing. We dive many parts of the the Andros wall as part of our regular dive program. Deeper wall dives are available as part of our Specialty Dive program.

Brian Kakuk taking a wall dive photo

Over the wall Brian Kakuk taking the photo

Bahamas BeachWalking
Small Hope has devised a number of nature walks and trails, accessible by foot from the Lodge. By using our home-made guidebooks, visitors can follow clearly marked trails through bush and along the mangrove waters. Plants are tagged for identification. (In the spring and summer, there are nearly fifty different kinds of wild orchids that bloom on Andros!)

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