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Map of Andros Island Bahamas - Small Hope All Inclusive

Getting to Andros Island, The Bahamas is very easy!
We may be slightly off the beaten path, but that's a big
part of our appeal. Even though we're not in the center of a big tourist hub (thankfully!) we're really quite accessible.

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Inland Blue Holes

The inland blue holes of Andros are some of the most unique and mysterious aquatic caves in the world. New sites are still being found while exploring their cave systems has barely begun.

Inland blue holes have the same origin as ocean blue holes, however, they differ in many ways. Inland blue holes do not "blow" and "suck" as ocean blue holes do. Therefore, diving them at particular times of the tide is not a factor. The level of water will rise and fall with the tide but no current is produced.

A unique feature of the inland blue hole is the layer of fresh water that literally sits on top of the salt below. Debris from the surrounding trees fall into the blue hole which then decays resulting in a build up of tannic acid and hydrogen sulfide in the water. This reduces the surface visibility to almost zero at times. As you descend through this layer of fresh/brackish water you will pass through the mixing zone or halocline into the salt water which instantly becomes crystal clear. Stalactites and beautiful flowstone can be seen in these caves which are evidence that they were once dry or above sea level.


Guardian Blue Hole

Guardian Blue Hole
One person
running time: 40 minute drive, 5 minute brush walk
maximum depth: 140 feet
in water time: 30 minutes
multi-level profile

Guardian Blue Hole is an inland blue hole. The surface water is fresh and gets progressively saltier the deeper it goes until it actually reaches ocean salt water. The visibility ranges from 10-30 feet in upper levels due to decaying vegetation but becomes gin clear around 90 feet.

The dive is along a permanent line penetrating 400 feet in. Along the way you will pass a beautiful wall of stalactites which will lead you into a room so enormous it is literally mind boggling. On the way out the passageway will look as if it is snowing from above due to our exhaust bubbles knocking sediment off the ceiling of the cave.

As we get close to the entrance we will turn our lights off and experience the "glow" then move on to the sulfur layers at the opening of the blue hole. These layers resemble the rings around the planet Saturn. We will meet the guardian in the sulfur layers, a barracuda who watches over the blue hole.

You will be wearing fully redundant cave diving equipment and will be thoroughly briefed on how to use it.

This dive is nothing short of unbelievable.

The Little Frenchman


The Little Frenchman
One person
running time: 40 minute drive, 10 minute brush walk
maximum depth: 170 feet
in water time: 25 minutes
multi-level profile

The Little Frenchman Blue Hole is an inland blue hole. We will follow a permanent line through maze of passage ways from the entrance at the north side of the cave then exit at the south end. It is an amazing traverse.

The surface water is fresh down to approximately 40 feet. This water is also brown in color due to the tannic acid which is given off from the decaying vegetation which has fallen into the blue hole. Visibility is sometimes down to 2 feet but once we break into salt water at 50 feet it becomes gin clear.

You will be wearing fully redundant cave diving equipment and will be thoroughly briefed on how to use it.

An awesome adventure!

Stargate Blue Hole


StarGate Blue Hole
One person
running time: 60 minute plane trip with taxi
maximum depth: 120 feet
in water time: 30 minutes
multi-level profile

Stargate Blue Hole was the primary location of the 1987 International Blue Holes Project. A National Geographic Explorer Documentary was filmed here describing the scientific collecting of stalactites used to date the times and water levels of the ice ages.

This blue hole is also the first site where a remote operated vehicle and closed circuit re breather were used in the Bahamas to explore a cave system.

Stargate, located in South Andros near Congo Town, which is only accessible by plane, is beautiful above and below the surface. The entrance of the blue hole is hidden inside a grotto and down twelve feet from a ledge, level with the ground. The grotto is surrounded by tropical scrub trees, while inside stalactites are found hanging from the ceiling.

Once in the blue hole, we will descend down to 80 feet, through the sulfur layers where the line "T's" to run north and south. We will swim north passing incredibly beautiful and large stalactites and flow stone formations. We will continue until we reach the entrance, heading back out, we will turn off our lights to see the spectacular view of the surface light glowing through the entrance.

This is a magical blue hole not to be missed.

Additional transportation fees required for this dive.

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